Dr. Shuchi Sharma Pediatrician (Child Specialist) in Child specialist in Gaur city 2 providing best treatment for all kind of common Pediatric ailments, Issues regarding child Nutrition, Childhood Obesity, Growth and Development evaluation, Adolescent Medicine, Childhood Asthma and allergies and does new born, infant, child, adolescent and adult vaccination Vaccination/ Immunization, Growth & Development Evaluation, Infant & Child Nutrition, Bronchial Asthma Treatment, New Born Care, Treatment of all New born Illnesses, Childhood Obesity, Childhood Infectious Diseases, Pediatric Dermatology, Infant Growth and Development, Adolescent Health, Nebulization, Neonatology, Allergy Disorders in Infants and Children, Allergy Tests and Immune therapy.


When a baby is born, he/she should gain independent function of the organs. Sometimes babies need critical attention as they are unable to restore maxim function after birth. For example, they may be experiencing difficulty in breathing or respiratory or feeding problems. Intensive care or critical care is offered to babies and newborns with an acute medical condition.

We have a cutting-edge Level III NICU equipped with advanced tools and technologies that best suit the requirements of infants. Our neontaologists are specially trained in the care to offer emergency and critical care with lasting effects.

Vaccination Doctor

Timely vaccination is very important for our kids with better growth, health, and immunity. The most trusted child care hospital is here with vaccination services for kids.

Dr. Shuchi Sharma childcare clinic presents the best vaccination and immunization services near you in Child specialist in Gaur city 2. Now the patients living near NCR may get facilitate with India’s best child experts, who are confident to deal with complicated cases with ease. As a parent, you cannot trust any ordinary Pediatrician for the vaccination of your little one. Advanced system and expert vaccination doctors in Gaur city 2 will take care of step by step vaccination of your child for a bright and healthy future in the safest way.


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